Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hideaway Bistro in Winter Park

Hideaway Bistro is an appropriate name because this place is so word of mouth.It's hidden inside the Silverado main facility off of Kings Crossing. It's small quite , intimate and the food is European to die for. I love places like this that limit the menu but do it all right.

The quality of the steak and fish dishes are great but my favorite dish is the seafood mac and cheese.
This is the place where adults can sit over drinks without being rushed,have a great meal and leave feeling like they were in another country.

I had the steak on one visit and it was a great cut with full flavor. Believe it or not getting a good steak in Grand County is the hardest thing to find. funny considering all the cattle you see grazing around.

A great value for the quality but probably not a place you want to bring the kids.

PArking is free and underground which is great during the winter months.   They are open thursday thru Sunday and take reservation

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