Monday, October 19, 2009

Petes Kitchen for Breakfast in Denver-A great old dive :-)

Petes Kitchen
1962 E Colfax Ave
Denver, CO 80206-1302
(303) 321-3139

Just had a great breakfast at Petes Kitchen in Denver. Super value, great food , fun waitresses but the bathrooms could use some elbow grease, cleaning and remodeling.

The Omelets and PAncakes are the best in the State and priced very fairly.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Brickhouse 40 Granby review

Ok, Lets face it; we just don't have too many really higher end quality food eateries in grand county with the exception of (Fontenots-Deno's and Tabernash Tavern).

BrickHouse 40 is one of the newest genre of better restaurants to open up. You walk into the cavernous fireplace entrance with one of the best looking and spacious designs I have seen up here in high country. Great looking old style wood bar.

In a nutshell the food is great, creative and the wine (my personal pet peeve) is reasonably priced but a short pour.

Try the Calamari as an appetizer, flawless, great salads too. Best I have had in a long time.

Steaks-Lamb and the Pizza are a step above the usual fare I have had in the area with great presentation.

My only complaint (isn't there always one) is the service.

We had to wait 30 minutes in the foyer when the hostess told us 20. BTW there were plenty of tables available but I assume not enough waiters. For some odd reason there were a lot of "little ones" running up and down by the tables all night.

Why can't anyone in these mountain restaurants get wait staff that wants to earn their 20% or more ?

They (waiters) either ignore you or throw the food at you. They literally have no idea of what is necessary to get the job done for their cliental . Brickhouse 40 needs some folks who have the wonderful ability to simultaneously hustle and entertain at the same time.

Our waiter took 30 minutes to bring us our drinks and then when we ordered and we waited some more.
I look for a few  things when I review any restaurant.

1. Bathroom must be spotless ! (bathroom is dirty then so is the kitchen and staff)
2. Food Quality
3. Value
4. Service
5. Atmosphere

This establishment passed all of the above and has everything going for it except the service. Owners need to crack the whip a little bit in this area.

I went during the recent Octoberfest celebration in Granby; what a fun weekend BTW. 

I will wait a few weeks and then return and see if we both have a better night.

The Fray