Sunday, November 21, 2010

DeAntonios has Moved/update

As many of you know I am a transplanted New Yorker (as in Manhattan) and I know my pizza. Well deAntonios (frankie's to the locals) has moved to Winter Park and now has a liquor license for beer and wine.

They are now by the roastery coffee bistro in the middle of town by the skateboard park.

This is the best pizza in Colorado and a family of four(2 kids) can have dinner or lunch with wine or beer under $50.00.

They even have a playroom for the kinder so adults can have moments of peace.

I can live without many things but pizza isn't one of them.

Best of all, Frankie will NOT rip you off on wine and beer like all the other eateries in town. Nothing fries my bacon then when a restaurant marks up their tiny glass of wine 400%.

Note: I went to Brickhouse 40 in Granby last night and paid $9.00 for 2 ounces of wine in a hugh glass. Heck, the bottle cost $12.00 in Applejacks. I hate it when eateries gouge the customer on booze.

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