Monday, October 6, 2008

Fontenots in Winter Park

One of my favorite restaurants in Winter Park, Colorado. I believe that this is their 3rd location right up the street from the "The Pub" (a favorite football drinking establishment). Why ? because they needed more room which is always a good sign. This eatery always seems to be busy.

This is the only place short of New Orleans to get a decent Gumbo and cornbread. Make sure you add the Talapia fish and Andouille Sausage BTW. Appetizer favorites are the fried green tomatoes and shrimp dim sum. The traditional shrimp cocktail needs a little work in it's presentaion and sauce.

After a 10 mile run I usually stop in for lunch and get one of the hugh PoBoys. This is essentially a monster sandwich with shrimp, scallops, talapia etc. I have never been able to Finish this hugh portion that comes with fries in one sitting.

Prices seem to be very reasonable for the quality of the food and portions.

Bathroom Check: Clean even on a busy night :-)
Note: Restaurant bathrooms are a personal pieve. My Dad who was a great new York deli caterer always use to say that "if the bathroom is dirty then the kitchen is worse"

My only complaint is that this use to be a locals favorite and fortunately for the owner the tourists have discovered it too.

I give Fontenots a Ski poles UP rating

Rating system

1 Ski Pole down-Avoid
2 Ski Poles horizontal- OK
3. Ski Pole Up -Good Food and Value

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