Monday, February 11, 2008

DeAntonio's Pizza - Best Winter Park Local Eatery on the Cheap

I don't know about you but when I was a starving High school student who evolved into a starving College student and then a starving working stiff I always tried to find cheap and tasty eats.They may not have ambiance but they get the job done cheap.

Here are a few of my favorites and most of the locals in Winter Park.

Great Pizza, cheap, no Ambiance (who cares anyway)

I don't know about you but I have always had a pizza monkey on my back. I love the stuff. I literally lived on it when I was a kid in NYC. Problem is what do you eat after you leave the big Apple and go to places like Winter Park, Fraser , Grand County. Heck even Denver is Pizza Challenged.
Note: If you know a great place in Denver or San Diego and I don't mean Pap johns email me)

My prayers were finally answered one day.

Name:DeAntonio's in Fraser across the street from the Safeway on rt 40.Its tucked away in the coner of a shopping strip next to my favorite coffee shop The Roastery (more on this another time)
It's run by my fellow transplanted New Yawker "Frankie"
This place is the only true NYC style pizza. It even looks like a NYC dive pizzaria with the TV blasting, old photo's and stuff. The place is so small you think you just stepped into a broom closet.

A Large plain pie is $12.00 and more than enough for 2 or 3 people to chow down on. You can also buy it by the the slice . You can get any topping suasage-pepperoni-mushrooms etc. Drinks are the usual soda fountain fair.

I don't know how Frankie and family do it but they have an authentic NYC Crispy cruncy thin pizza crust that snaps when you fold it in half as all traditionalists do. I would never vote for a person who eats pizza with a knife and fork !

But wait it gets better. The cheese is real and hot and messy and generous. The test is if you have that long string of gooey stuff hanging from you mouth looking like a tightrope for the flying wallendas as you eat. Its messy but who cares.You are a ski bum anyway. The ultimate measurement is if the grease starts to roll off the wax paper and onto your ski bibs.

They 3 or 4 tables and there is usually a line but its worth it.

Tip: Call in advance and just pick it up and eat it in your own home with a good bottle of Carlo Rossi Burgundy. Its al fresco but better than a large bill and a snotty waiter who thinks he is entitled to a tip for lousy service (another article another day.

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